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Recent projects, projects under construction, under discussion, out-for-bid, past projects, project pictures, and a listing of past projects are included under this section.

2015 Cottage Pointe:  East of the former Stage Coach Inn (M-89 at C Avenue), a developer has received approval for 50 homes to be constructed, known as Cottage Pointe.   Public sewer and water will be extended at developer's cost. 

2015 Cottages at Gull Lake View:   The owner of the Gull Lake View Golf Course is constructing public sewer to service 4 condo buildings.

2013 EF Avenue Sewer Project:  The owner of the “Old Plug Company” building (corner of EF and Gull Road), during his remodeling and replacement of the driveway, has installed 450 feet of new public sewer easterly along EF Avenue.  At this time, this project has a limited service district and is not proposed to be extended further east.

2013 D. Avenue West Road Only Project or Road w/ Sewer Project - Village of Richland:

Update 2013-04-15:  The Village of Richland held a public informational meeting and determined there was no support for installing sewer underneath the new road.   The Road Only Project is proceeding without public sewer.

2012 - Update: There are no new utility projects scheduled, under design or under construction at the current time.
2011 - Update: There are no new utility projects scheduled, under design or under construction at the current time.
2010 - Office expansion, renovation and site improvements
2010 Post-bid Office project - Announcement 2010-02-15
2010 Pre-bid Office project - constuction concepts
Office -bid summary 2010-02-09

2010 - 30th Street Gravity Sewer Design-Richland Township
The Authority Board authorized Prein and Newhof to design gravity sewer from EF Avenue, up Gull Road to April Lane, through April Lane, over the 30th Street, then north on 30th street to 7818 N. 30th Street.   This pipeline, to be constructed in the future, will provide relief for the sewers east of the Village of Richland, and therefore, the Board authorized its design.   There are no plans at this time to initiate the project.  This project is within the Township of Richland.

30th Street Gravity Sewer sketch

2008 Utility Project

30th Street / "D" Avenue Project
  Contractor: Balkema, Inc. (269)345-5289 Emergency:  207-5702
  Project Staff:  
  Completion Target: November 15, 2008
  Project Cost: $434,000.00
  Purpose: Install 3,031 feet of 15" gravity sewer from the Englewood pump station north to the Allen Edwin property.
  Pictures: Forthcoming


Past Projects List 

Sherman Lake Grinder Pumps

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